NeuroSurgeon for Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery in Dombivli

What is Cerebrovascular Surgery ?

Cerebrovascular surgery refers to specialized surgery on the blood vessels that supply blood to the brain.


We offer a variety of leading-edge techniques, minimally invasive incisions and enhanced recovery after surgery including less-invasive endovascular techniques, to make repairs from inside the blood vessel. These techniques use tiny incisions and result in faster recovery and fewer complications.

Cerebrovascular Surgery is used to treat

We can treat complex cerebrovascular conditions using less-invasive endovascular or open surgical techniques. The conditions we treat include:

  • Aneurysms: a weakness or bulge in a blood vessel
  • Hemorrhages: uncontrolled and dangerous bleeding in the brain
  • Vascular malformation: a high-flow tangle of blood vessels that can lead to seizures or stroke
  • Cavernous vascular malformations: a low flow vascular mass that can also lead to seizures or bleeding into the brain
  • Carotid stenosis: narrowing of the main artery to your brain
  • Cavernous carotid fistulas: an eye condition, sometimes resulting from a head trauma

Our specialists also treat strokes in a variety of ways. We offer the full spectrum of treatment options, from medicine to endovascular techniques.